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We'll Make Your Site a Success.

Implementation and design of small business websites  - quick & inexpensive.

The internet has redefined the way business opportunities can be developed. Indeed you need to lead your competition to secure your fair share of the market.

We can help your website to reflect the business strategy and engage your potential customers and partners. Your site will bring value to the reader, whether that be product information, contact information or industry information

Catalyst Web Services has also now introduced a web site re-development service where we can review & redevelop your site to modern usability & presentation standards at a very reasonable price.

The need to be on the web.

The internet has redefined the way business opportunities can be developed - to lead your competition and to secure your fair share of the market.

My aim is to help you develop a website to reflect your business strategy and engage your potential customers and partners.

Your site must bring value to the reader, whether that is product information, contact information or industry information and should serve as a gateway to a purchasing experience whether via an online shop or direct contact. Critically, the site must be easy to read and easy to navigate.

From your point of view the site should provide a reflection of your unique identity including email addresses, web site name, colour schemes, logos and the like.

The site also can provide basis for collecting customer and prospect data and communication with them.

Tools - The Web Site

We can build you a hosted web site that will:

Provide a source of information for potential clients to review and understand the products and services offered such as:-

  • Product lists
  • Product descriptions
  • Product benefits
  • Pricing
  • Brochures & price lists

Povide reference information and testimonials:-

  • From Clients
  • From Suppliers
  • Interactive comments

Provide contacts details and information about the principals of the business:-

  • About Us.
  • Contact Details.
  • Other links (to suppliers).

Provide interaction with the site for customers:-

  • Contact & Query email form.
  • Online store (PayPal) including customer file creation.

Other Features:-

Consideration could be given for  implementation of

  • Full content managemnt (Joomla, Wordpress Drupal etc)
  • A mailing list management facility.
  • An online interactive calendar.
  • A mobile specific site.


  • We can arrange for your new site to be hosted at a professional mainstream web hosting organisation.

Over To You

The site will be optimised for selection by search engines and will be capable of being advertised through such facilities as Google's Adwords and Google Ads

You will need support to be provided for the technical aspects of your web site but you will also want to be able to change the text and product content of your site yourself. We must ensure that the web site is always up to date. There is nothing worse than a customer or prospect seeing out of date information. To that end the web site will provide a simple content management system that will allow you to change all of the main text and any attachments that are provided for the visitor. These changes will happen instantly and if you need to change the layout or include additional graphics or new features I can quote on doing this for you.

But using the content manager for product data and weasel words, it can be all over to you.

But with every new development or redevelopment we still need to decide what the web site will look like & what it will contain in the initial and subsequent releases.

Our approach to the project

As you own the business, we would expect that you have a pretty clear view of what you want as a colour palette and how you expect to present yourself - logos layout etc.

If you need some ideas here I can provide some example templates to review. Either way, we would then take the concepts and apply it to a business style web site template.

We then need to decide on the content. Again once we get a high level view of the initial content we can provide you with a set of templates where you can provide the information that we need to include.

Consideration of the content will also need to take account of how we treat the data for displaying on mobile devices. Our recommendation would be to ensure the template we use can be displayed reasonably on a small screen and then later on look to developing a special version of the site for iPhone, iPad etc. browser display.

We will then need to decide whether we divide the implementation into phases or whether we take a big bang approach.

Once the content is determined and agreed we will develop the initial test version of the web site on the hosting provider's site so that we can all access it.

We will then test the site together and we will make any amendments as they are required. These will be amendments to ensure compliance with the agreed scope of the first release of the site.

When we are all happy with the result, we will transfer the site to a production environment at the hosting provider.

As part of the move to production, I will implement the tracking code needed to provide the Google analytics information. Google Analytics not only lets you measure sales and conversions, but also gives you fresh insights into how visitors use your site, how they arrived on your site, and how you can keep them coming back.

Content reports help you understand which parts of your website are performing well and which pages are most popular so you can create a better experience for your customers.

About Us

Roy has, for many years, had an interest in the development & deployment of internet based tools and promotional material . He has watched the internet change from not much more than brochureware and an email service to the all pervasive animal that it has now become.
His early programming & system design experience coupled with his sales, marketing and bid management background has provided a perfect combination to help his clients get the most out of their web sites - ands build new ones for them when needed. He has had broad experience in developing and teaching online systems at both a technical and at a user level. 

Some relevant career areas:    He has extensive experience as a vendor of IT services and financial software products, and in managing and compiling complex systems integration bids. Most recently he worked as as senior bid manager and pre-sales support specialist which included managing large bid teams preparing and submitting proposals for multi million dollar tenders, facilitating demand generation, marketing, and providing technical support.

Industry background:  Includes international and domestic experience in sales and marketing, project and account management, financial software, banking management systems, system design, education and technical development. A qualified accountant with a Bachelor of Commerce (Melb),  has been involved in the IT industry since 1971.



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